The Company

NEAMERA Theatre Company, which in Greek etymology means “new day – new being” founded in 2014 by Diana Costa (Italy) and Pablo Durán Rojas (Spain) continuing their acting research initiated with the masks of the Commedia dell’Arte.

Through educational processes aimed, with special focus, at community contexts with difficult access to culture, promoting cultural projects and activities in collaboration with other professionals in the sector.

Their work process is based on the use of masks as an expressive and creative element that begins with their creation from different materials (colored papers, cardboard, papier-maché, fabric, thermoplastic) to use on stage and as a pedagogical instrument.

Activities in the social ambit (integration of immigrants, therapeutic communities, preparation of masked groups for Carnival parades), didactic (schools,  universities) and formative (theater schools, academies of performing arts), represent a very varied range for the use of different materials with special attention on recovery and recycling.  The poetic universe of masks awakens interest and curiosity in theater, art and the stage.

The company’s productions: Mr&Mrs Kraft – a story of paper masks, Glorious Visions (Full Masks), The Last Romantics (expressive half masks and puppet theater) and A Feather into the Wind (Commedia dell’Arte) have been previously performed and continue to be programmed in different  theaters and  festivals across many countries including Spain, Italy, Chile, Colombia, Iran, Portugal, Romania, Turkey.

Highlight Pròsopo Project, the study of masks from a theatrical, anthropological and craft-based perspective, was organized in southern Italy with a network of international artists who create and investigate the use of masks.