The METAMORPHOSIS #1 project – the fascination of transforming, explores the concept of transformation from a theatrical and plastic perspective by creating imaginary creatures in the form of masks through the learning and use of tools, techniques and creative possibilities of cardboard and other discarded materials that have been collected by the coordinators and participants.

 The activity has been developed during the autumn of 2023 and has been granted by the Instituto AndaIuz de Ia Juventud and in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento of GrazaIema and Benamahoma (Spain). A total of eighteen young people between the two towns in the province of Cádiz have been involved, who have actively participated in the different phases of the educational process.

Subsequently, the creatures that have taken form have been captured by the photographers José Luis Chacón and Francisco Moreno in the most evocative locations of the two IocaIities of the Sierra de Cádiz, where the landscape has merged with the different metamorphoses.

These poetic images, during the last phase of the project, have been exhibited in the library of Grazalema and Benamahoma where you can see how they dialogue in harmony with nature.