The project METAMORPHOSIS – the fascination of transformation, explores the concept of identity from a performative and plastic perspective by creating imaginary beings in the form of masks through the learning and use of tools, techniques and creative possibilities of cardboard and other disposable materials that have been collected by the coordinators and participants.

Through a contemporary perspective, the project tries to create a connection between different aesthetic transformations and the creative process of masks, theatrical art and photography. To express my new identity, to leave a record of what I want to be through my past, present and future. Manifesting myself through originality by means of different materials that we want to reinvent in search of a collective response that allows to open your eyes.

It is a work process consisting of two parts: a first phase in which a workshop is held to create your own mask; a second phase in which these characters are photographed in the most evocative places of the place where the activity takes place. Bringing together creation, landscape and nature. The workshop is mainly aimed at a young audience, in relation to nature and the environment, underlining the importance of ecological education aimed at raising awareness among the new generations.

 The activity has been developed during the autumn of 2023 and has been subsidised by the Instituto AndaIuz de Ia Juventud and in collaboration with the town councils of GrazaIema and Benamahoma.

During the month of June 2024, thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Sofia and the Instituto Cervantes, the project will take place in the IU Nikolay Liliev art school, within the Sofia Paper Art Fest in Bulgaria. Organized by the Amateras Foundation, it is a unique event in the world, where you can encounter the best of contemporary paper art.

The creatures that have taken form have been captured by the photographers José Luis Chacón and Francisco Moreno in the most evocative places of the two IocaIities of the Sierra de Cádiz, where the landscape has merged with the different metamorphoses. In Bulgaria, the visual artist Yoana Angelova has taken photos of the letter universe of the participants involved.

Some of the poetic images that harmoniously dialogue with nature.