The Last Romantics

We began this project in 2016, investigating the use of expressive half masks that allow the actor to speak and can be used in the staging to study human nature in all its dimensions. This allowed us to magnify how we can denominate drama, comedy or tragedy in existence. All this came from experimenting in creation with other languages such as shadows, objects and paper puppets.

Through a precise stylization of the movement, the dynamics of the animals and the performance work with the masks, the physical and corporal dramaturgy of this family has been woven, ready to do anything to avoid separation. A direct, creative and poetic proposal.

The news of the expropriation of the house upsets the life of a modest family. A father,  mother,  son and a daughter are forced to face a difficult situation by putting the balance of their relationships at stake. In a reality hit by the crisis and the wear and tear produced by uncertainty and lack of work, help is sought in the benevolence of the grandfather, a leading figure in any household. How to communicate the anguish, disorder and precariousness that is lived daily? How to make a generation so distant and diverse understand the fears and risks of a society, the current one, unstable and continually mutable? Facing an uncertain future, choosing to have a family together becomes an act of courage.

The play has been presented in different programs such as Noches de Teatro de Cádiz (Spain – 2017), ESAD Sevilla (Spain – 2017), Pròsopo Project (Italy – 2019) and at the Castelbuono Teatro Festival (Italy – 2017) where it received the award for best show “… per la capacità di rendere espressivo ogni minimo gesto, di raccontare con il linguaggio del corpo storie ed emozioni con un progetto di regia particolarmente complesso che ricorre in modo geniale anche al teatro di figura e al rendere espressivo ogni oggetto dando anche all’attrezzeria di scena il ruolo di mediatore espressivo e comunicativo. (Giuria Tecnica: A. Guzzio, S. Raimondi, S. Polizzano, S. Castiglia)”.

“Nadie tiene el poder de hacernos dormir si no es por propria decisión…” Don Quijote de la Mancha

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