Play as integration and social transformation

Theatre project for people with intellectual disabilities for the users of the Asociación ASPRODEME Puerto Real (Cádiz – Spain). The participants belong to the group R.G.A. – Residencia Gravemente Afectados and to the group R.A. – Residencia Adultos.

The workshop is presented as a new and original experience where everyone is accompanied and guided on a process of self-discovery, encouraging their imagination and creativity in order to unite, strengthen and increase their human and artistic capacities.

To this end, theatrical play is the pedagogical axis in the different sessions, focusing on the search for the unknown pleasure and beauty that is

The participant, the individual, is the educational material. The aim is to find ways and procedures to discover and develop their capacities and to build human relationships. Emotions, joy, doubt, surprise… show us the way to be decisive actions to reach this achievement.


Improvisations and exercises characterised by mime and dramatic expression, the relationship movement – body, sensory education, verbal and non-verbal communication make it possible to externalise and transform different states of mind, physical attitudes and everyday actions derived from our daily routine.

During the theatre workshop highlighted a section dedicated to plastic arts where participants are given the opportunity to develop manual and visual learning.

Together and in a cooperative relationship create a genuine atelier to experiment with the different creative possibilities of materials, colours and shapes.


Masks represent a symbolic vehicle to increase the capacities of expression and to favour the acceptance of the personal self: a continuous journey between conscious and unconscious.

We try to transform our fears, social problems, stupidity, desires through theatrical plays by means of masked improvisation dynamics, individually and in pairs, where we try to make them realise the need to always refer to each other on stage. The ability to be and to create another face to reveal our humanity. To play a character is to discover my own adventure.

“Most of us are ordinary people but theatre gives the opportunity to be extraordinary.”

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