What is hidden behind the paper? How many shapes can it have? Is it silent or can it produce a special sound?

Mr&Mrs KRAFT invite to enter their laboratory where they experiment with this material: paper. Cutting, manipulating, gluing, colouring, crumpling they will give life to double-sided masks that will reveal surprising, fun and original characters.

The masks, the articulation of the gesture and the movement will be the ingredients of this story: a poetic and sensorial journey where the magic of the paper and its creatures will trap us in the continuous play of masking and unmasking.

THEATRICALITY of PAPER: kraft paper is presented as a common and close material. The form, abstract and suggestive, has enable the elaboration of reversible masks (double face) where the audience has the freedom to construct the face in his imaginary.
Multiple forms increase the sensation of plasticity and of traveling through the surprising appearance that paper gives at all times.

NITFest – Nepal International Theatre Festival 2022.

With the director of the festival, Srijana Subba, after the performance at the Mandala Theater – Kathmandu (NEPAL).

Kotorski festival pozorišta za djecu MONTENEGRO – 2023.

Cultural Centre “Nikola Durkovic” – Kotor.
Interview with a local television after the performance.

Festival in : v z b l (ROMANIA) organized by Teatrul Basca within the program Timișoara European Capital Culture 2023.