Glorious Visions

Glorious Visions, a play of silent masks, was created in 2018. In mask theater we sometimes witness an abuse of words, music, etc. For this reason, we wanted to tell this story with silence, masks and eight anonymous characters.

These silent masks need the movement to exist and be alive in the scene. We like to call them silent masks, as Jacques Lecoq did, to note that these masks do not flee or want to exclude speech. They must find areas where words are no longer necessary or not necessary yet.

In an old provincial town hall, a widowed mayor lives with his secretaries, paying attention to his young son and liquid influential dealers. Completely immersed in his sterile bureaucratic work, he will lose sight of everything that surrounds him, attracted by the pleasure of power, plunging into a sea of existential doubts. Furthermore, people are absent and removed from the political life of that municipality, adding to this the arrival of immigrants’ boats. With physical audacity, complete masks and no speech, the play wonders: is a man able to return to reality after living in a labyrinth of deception, disappointments, frustrations and lost hopes?

The performance premiered in the Pròsopo Project (Italy – 2018).

It was also performed in the BorgArti Festival (Italy – 2018) and in the EITUG – International Meeting of University Theater of Granada (Spain – 2019). Internationally it is selected by the Festivalul International de Teatru Turda (Romania – 2019).

The Dramatic Art Center of Iran chooses it for the programming of the International Children and Youth Theater Festival (Hamedan – 2019); the show had to adapt in customs and movements to the Iranian tradition. Despite this, our silent masks were able to tell their story to an audience that welcomed with great enthusiasm.

In 2021 the show will be presented at the Feira de Teatro de Bonecos, Marionetas e Forma Animadas di Freìxo de Espada à Cinta (Portugal). The Spanish journalist and writer Fernando Bellón, talks about our artistic work in his magazine Perinquiets.

Trailer by Luca De Paolis

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